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This pandemic has provided an opportunity to explain occupational therapy in terms that now apply to everyone experiencing disruption in their lives.

Thank you to Samantha Holder for sharing this on Facebook:

"I’ve had to explain what an occupational therapist is for the past 18 years… Maybe now everyone can actually understand.


This current situation that everyone is experiencing has taken away your “occupations”, your “roles” and your social identity…


An occupation is not your job… it’s everything you do… Going shopping, getting a coffee with a friend, going to the gym etc… that has all changed just like it would if you have an illness/disability… Those everyday simple tasks that we take for granted are difficult. Now think of your roles… as a mum, dad, grandparent, friend… They’ve all changed too.


My job is helping people to be able to complete their occupations, gain a sense of self and look at the impact of illness/disability of this and their roles in life.


What everyone is experiencing (sic) the minute is occupational deprivation… and what are you doing about it?


Focusing on meaningful occupations… hobbies / interests / self care… all that you are doing is Occupational Therapy.


That’s why basket weaving is great 😊"

- Samantha Holder, Occupational Therapist

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